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VisitorVille - Product Review

Site Stats Meets Sim City

I’ve been playing with using VisitorVille for the last month. Maybe best described as site statics meets Sim City, this tool allows you to see who is visiting your site in real time. Visitors arrive in buses marked with search engine names like “google, yahoo, msn” etc.

That was the fun part, but I soon realized that the cartoonish software had many powerful features. VisitorVille is able to keep track of sales, ad conversion rates, newsletter sign-ups, downloads…
The click anaylizer works much like ClickTracks which is a bit out of my price range for now.

Other features include built-in live help software, the ability to read from your server logs, and more stats then you can shake a stick at. Great for us statistic junkies.

I would recommended it to anyone with a web site. The base cost is 19.95/mo… but if you input someone’s referal id you recieve a 10% discount. If you don’t like the software or can’t justify the price… you can cancel within 30 days to recieve your money back.

The affiliate program is multi-tier… with high commisions: 30% on first level, 10% on second level referals. I think if you run a web site with a fair amount of webmaster traffic, this would be a good program to promote.

My Overal Rating: 8/10

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